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'Forsythe' Black Patent Leather Evening Derby 7.5 E

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'Forsythe' Black Patent Leather Evening Derby 7.5 E

Size Guide
Size Guide

Unsure of your size?

We would advise measuring your feet (see below) or to contact us and we can provide expert advice.

How do I measure my feet? Wearing the socks you will wear with the shoes, stand on a piece of paper and draw round your feet. Use a ruler and measure the length from your heel to the end of your big toe to get your foot length. You can then compare your foot length to our chart below. Please note, size conversions are an approximation only.

Still need help?

If you are still unsure of your size, it can be helpful to contact us know which size you are in other brands. 

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Men's Size Conversion Chart:

UK USA EU Foot Length (cm)
5 6 39 23.5
5.5 6.5 39.5 23.9
6 7 40 24.3
6.5 7.5 40.5 24.7
7 8 41 25.1
7.5 8.5 41.5 25.5
8 9 42 26.0
8.5 9.5 42.5 26.4
9 10 43 26.8
9.5 10.5 43.5 27.2
10 11 44 27.6
10.5 11.5 44.5 28.0
11 12 45 28.5
11.5 12.5 45.5 28.9
12 13 46 29.3
12.5 13.5 46.5 29.7


Women's Size Conversion Chart:

 UK USA EU Foot Length (cm)
2 4 35 21.1
2.5 4.5 35.5 21.4
3 5 36 21.7
3.5 5.5 36.5 22.1
4 6 37 22.5
4.5 6.5 37.5 22.9
5 7 38 23.3
5.5 7.5 38.5 23.7
6 8 39 24.1
6.5 8.5 39.5 24.6
7 9 40 25.0
7.5 9.5 40.5 25.4
8 10 41 25.8
8.5 10.5 41.5 26.1

Condition Guide
Product Condition

As New

An 'As New' pair of shoes will be in the same condition as you would receive if you were purchasing directly from a retailer.

Eligibility criteria


A pair of shoes in 'Excellent' condition will only be lightly used and extremely well maintained. They may show minor signs of wear. Any wear or defects will be mentioned in the description and visible in the photos.

Eligibility criteria

Lightly used - no extensive creasing, cracking, bad odors, deep scratches or scuffs.

Very Good

A pair of shoes in 'Very Good' condition will show signs of moderate wear and be well maintained. Any wear or defects will be mentioned in the description and visible in the photos.

Eligibility criteria

Moderate use - there may be creasing, minor scratches, scuffs and wear to the soles/heels.


A pair of shoes in 'Good' condition will have been worn frequently, may have defects or in need of repair. Any wear or defects will be mentioned in the description.

Eligibility criteria

Heavy use - there may be creasing, cracking, scuffs, scratches and wear to the soles/heels.

Leather Sole, Black Patent Leather, SL14 Last


As New / Excellent / Very Good / Good

Please note, these are marked as 'samples'.


UK: 7.5 E (standard width)

Original Retail Price: £775

Shoe trees not included. Shoe trees can be purchased separately here.

The shoes have been inspected to ensure quality and authenticity.

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We understand purchasing a pair of pre-owned shoes online may be a daunting new experience for many. That is why we aim to make the experience as seamless as possible for you. Every shoe we sell is authenticated and inspected by our experts in order to identify any damage, defects or wear. Pre-owned shoes needing a little more care are reconditioned in our workshop.

Product photographs and descriptions will always clearly present the condition, so you know exactly what you are getting. We can provide expert sizing advice to help you make an educated decision on what size will work best for you. Our 14-day returns period means you can shop risk-free and with complete confidence.

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