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Saphir Medaille D'Or Mirror Gloss

Saphir Medaille D'Or Mirror Gloss

Color: Neutral

Saphir Medaille D'Or mirror gloss gives an excellent shine to leather shoes quickly and easily. It's the perfect product for creating a 'mirror shine', and dries faster than Saphir Medaille D'Or Pate de Luxe to allow for quicker results.

Specially formulated with Natural Turpentine Oil, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax as well as 'secret' concentrated waxes.


  • 75 ml
  • Made In France

Recommended use:

To be used after application of either Saphir Medaille D'Or 1925 Pommadier Cream or Saphir Medaille D'Or Pate de Luxe. Using light pressure, apply mirror gloss in thin layers combined with small drops of water. Gently buff shoes with a soft cloth. Allow wax to dry in between coats and build up layers to enhance shine.

Only use on the areas you wish to have a mirror finish and avoid areas of the shoe that flex, for example the vamps.