Buy & Sell Pre-Owned Quality Footwear

The world's best shoemakers pride themselves on making shoes that stand the test of time, yet they are often only sparingly used.

Abbot's is an online marketplace to buy and sell quality pre-owned shoes.

By bringing together like-minded consumers we help to extend the lifespan of quality shoes. Along the way we have bought and sold thousands of pairs of shoes that may have otherwise been gathering dust. We hope to give buyers the opportunity to wear some of the world’s finest shoes at a more affordable price point and to give sellers the chance to cash in on shoes that may not be getting the wear they deserve.

Reconditioned pre-owned footwear?

Whilst we do sell some new shoes, we are specialists in pre-owned leather footwear. The lightly used shoes available on Abbot’s are reconditioned in our workshop. We disinfect, strip, clean, shampoo, moisturise, recolour and polish shoes in order to extend their life. When more extensive work is required, we work in partnership with some of the world’s best cobblers. We aim to get shoes back as close to their ‘new condition’ as we can.

Did you know leather shoes are a major source of carbon emissions?

The manufacturing of leather shoes accounts for a quarter of global footwear production, but up to 80% of its environmental impact. The lack of high-quality and eco-friendly materials that can stand in for leather means it is important to make full use of leather goods. Wearing leather shoes for just 9 extra months, instead of buying a new pair, can drastically reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint by up to 30%.